Shackleton’s Antarctic Exploration Ship Endurance by Paul Reck – Completed Model

Just about two months ago, we posted an article about HSPMS member Paul Reck’s work on a model of Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic exploration ship Endurance, based on  kit produced by the Spanish ship model kit maker OcCre.

Paul is building this on commission. And, while he wasn’t in any hurry to get it done, he’s already wrapped up this project in record time.

Paul chose not to build the model with sails, leaving the model with a classic “bare poled” look. He also made some small modifications to the model, based on photos he found on the Internet of the actual ship.


As Paul noted early on, this is a big model. We’re not sure where the final home is for this model, but we’re guessing that Paul’s next project is crating the model up to ship across the country.

Only time will tell what Paul’s next ship model project will be. He had good things to say about the OcCre kit, so perhaps he’ll build another one soon. But, being primarily a scratch modeler, he’ll probably be working another 1/2″ scale yacht model commission. Check back here for an update on his model work. Ω

Shackleton’s Antarctic Exploration Ship Endurance by Paul Reck

HSPMS member Paul Reck was commissioned recently to build a model of Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic exploration ship Endurance. Paul chose to build the model based on one of the newest kits produced by the Spanish ship model kit maker OcCre, which he was able to acquire from the online shop of Ages of Sail, where he’s purchased kits and fittings before. Though it’s just across San Francisco Bay, for Paul, paying for shipping seemed to be a far better alternative than the time and hassle of dealing with Bay Area traffic!

Marketing photo from OcCre of their Endurance kit, showing their version of the finished model.

Marketing photo of OcCre’s Endurance kit, showing the kit contents.

Paul only recently got started, commenting that it’s a BIG model, at just under 30″ long. Because the ship has a relatively short bowsprit, that means the hull makes up even more of that total length.

The OcCre kit features a double-planked hull, but since he’s planning on painting the model, Paul is considering just leaving off the second planking layer, which is made up of very nice quality sapelli wood, which closely resembles mahogany.

Paul had lots of good things to say about the kit, including the instructions. While there is a limited amount of text, and what text there is is in multiple languages, he found the photo-based instructions to be clear and easy to follow.

The Endurance is his first OcCre kit, but is sounds like it probably won’t be his last. He mentioned that he was interested in finding a good beginner ship model kit from OcCre, and he thinks he may have found one in OcCre’s Polaris kit, which is a beginner kit based on a Virginia pilot boat design.

But, getting back to the Endurance, Paul mentioned that the kit is well designed, and that the instructions have you planking the decks before attaching them to the hull, making them very easy to plank, since there are no bulwarks or deck structures to get in the way. He also liked the use of sycamore for the provided deck planking, though he did say that there is some color variation between strips of wood.

The instructions make mention of a set of wood dyes that OcCre makes. Since these are water based dyes and not wood stain, he was intrigued and found some for sale on the Internet and ordered them. So, there may be a delay in construction of some components until his dyes arrive.

In the meantime, he submitted these photos of the model under construction, as well as the following photo of one of the laser-cut sheets, showing the parts for the ship’s four boats, which are miniature kits in themselves.

We’ll post more photos from Paul’s project as he progresses.

Paul Reck’s Gunboat Philadelphia Model at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

Special congratulations are in order to our very own Commodore Paul Reck with the induction of his model of the Revolutionary War era gunboat Philadelphia into the collection of the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum!

Check out the story of how the model ended up traveling across the county in a seat on a United Airlines flight.

Boat on a Plane: A new acquisition travels home

Paul’s model is a 1/24-scale scratch build, based on a set of plans obtained from the Smithsonian, where the original gunboat is preserved and on display. Ω


New Ship Models Added to the Gallery

Check out the latest ship models added to our club’s model gallery. Click on the menu above or click here. The newest additions include the Civil War timberclad river gunboat USS Peosta, an RC model built by Paul Reck and Tom Shea, A large scale sailing skiff model by Paul Reck, an Edo period Japanese cargo riverboat by Clare Hess, and a card model of a medieval cog, c.1380. Ω


The Rope News, April 1, 2021

Rencently, the Japanese ship model society The Rope Tokyo, released newsletter number 111. The group seems to be as active as ever, though they have been forced, as have we here in the States, to meet via Zoom. Naturally, this impairs certain activities, but they seem to be doing well. In fact, as of this writing, their 46th annual exhibition is taking place for one week in Tokyo.

Of particular interest in this issue is the second part of a USS Susquehanna build by Mr. Kiyoshi Takanarita, who based his model on the Gilbert McArdle’s book, published by  Seawatch Books. Also, an article about Mr. Magnus McLeod of the UK, and his modeling of the HMS Royal Oak.

The book by Gilbert McArdle

You can download the english language edition of The Rope News, No. 111 here.

Or visit the Rope Tokyo’s Newsletter Archive here.



Member Progress Photos – January 2020


HSPMS member and commodore Paul Reck recently shared some photos of his current project, the Wanderbird. The boat was originally built in Germany as a pilot schooner for the city of Hamburg.  The former owner of the boat sailed it around Cape Horn in 1936, then continued around the world.  His son commissioned the model.

The hull of the model was constructed from lifts made of Monterey cypress.



Clare Hess is currently building a model of a simple 25-foot long riverboat from Niigata prefecture, Japan. The boat’s hull is built from 5 pieces of wood. The 1/10-scale model is made from Japanese cedar and is based on a boat that was built by Douglas Brooks and Japanese boat builder Mr. Nakaichi Nakagawa in the Fall of 2019.

The latter model build is being documented on the builder’s website here:

NRG’s Half Hull Planking Project

Learn the basic techniques of proper hull planking through this kit and instructional blog on the MSW online forum.

From the NRG’s website

This, from the NRG: Whether at a club meeting, at the Nautical Research Guild (NRG) Conference or on Model Ship World (MSW), one of the most frequently asked questions is “how do I plank a hull”. In response, the NRG has developed its first kit: a half-hull of an 18th century merchant ship. The purpose of the kit is to teach the novice model builder how to plank a hull the way it was actually done in the shipyard.This process is known as spiling.

Image from a blog post by Toni Levine, NRG Director, and creator of the project.

The kit created for this project is available direct from the NRG’s website. It includes the necessary materials and a link to a downloadable set of step-by-step instructions.

The kit is available for $65. Members can receive a 20% discount using the discount code NRG20OFF. The price does not include shipping, which is $10 in the US.

More information and a link to the store page can be found here: