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The Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights is a group of ship modelers and enthusiast who serve as volunteers with the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park. The group operates a model shop on board the ferry boat Eureka where we work on models and educate the public on the models and the ships they represent.

Visiting Us

Those of you who are interested in ship modeling or learning more about it should stop by our shop. There is someone there most Saturday mornings. We have an official group meeting on the third Saturday of every month at 9:30am at the shop. New members of all skill levels and visitors are always welcome.

Our meetings start early. Visitors can park in public, metered spaces or lots. There is some free parking available at the bottom of Van Ness Avenue, where you can take a short walk past the Aquatic Park and the Bathhouse Building to Hyde Street Pier.

There is a gate, and the park doesn’t officially open until 9:30am. If you arrive early, you can slide the gate open and just make sure to close it behind you. If anyone asks, tell them you are headed to the ship modelers’ workshop aboard the Eureka.

Once you’re aboard the Eureka, keep to your left, you’ll see the doors to the shop straight ahead.

Learning to Build Ship Models

Are you interested in building your first ship model? Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights are happy to help you get started. If you have a chance to come and visit us, we can talk about the “how to’s” of ship modeling. Our library of ship modeling books is a great resource, with lots of books on general ship modeling or modeling specific ships. Plus, we can help guide you through the construction process of your model and we always welcome members and prospective members to come to our meetings where we share our ship modeling problems and solutions.

If you don’t live close enough to attend our meetings or to visit us, you can still find some of our recommendations here on our website under Ship Modeler’s Resources. Plus, you can keep up on things in the world of ship modeling on our news feed here.

Joining the Club

Joining the club requires a bit of paperwork since we operate in a National Park. We also ask for annual dues of $20 per year to help fund our projects and events. Members are officially listed as Park Service volunteers and receive an NPS parking sticker, allowing free parking in marked stalls. They will also receive¬†our monthly newsletter and, from time to time, have the opportunity to volunteer to help at some of the events that take place at the pier or the museum, but it’s completely optional.

“To Build Ship Models and to Serve”

As volunteers for the Park Service, as an added bonus, all work that you do in our model shop, or on club related projects, business, website, meetings, etc., are all counted as volunteer hours, benefiting the park. So, come and do some ship modeling, and help out our park!

More Info

If you want to contact us for more info or have specific questions, please feel free to use the comment box provided below.


6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I am currently working on a museum quality 36″ model of the U.S.S. Constitution (“Old Ironsides”). To say that it is challenging is a gross understatement. I am also a member of the U.S.S. Constitution Museum. When the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted I would love to visit with you on board the Eureka.

  2. Is your group still meeting at the Eureka? It appears the Eureka is closed due to storm damage and the king tides. I am interested in learning more about your club as a prospective member.

    • Hello Jerry! We’d love to have you join us. Unfortunately, at the moment we’ve been hit with the double-whammy of Covid shutdown then the damage to the Eureka’s gangplank, which seems to happen every other year or so. We’re still doing Zoom meetings and I’m going to look into an alternate location for a meeting or two. I’ll contact you directly. Thanks!

  3. I have a friend who would like to getting rid of two finished models in plexi cases. Perfect condition. the Mayflower and (USS?) Golden Star. Don’t know if it a sale or donation. I think donation. If someone is SERIOUSLY interested contact me at Reboundbookstore@aol.com. Will put you in direct contact with her. Models are about 18″ long ans 18″ high. Plexi case is about 2 feet high. I’m sure she can send pictures.

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