May ’14 Ship Modeler’s Meeting Canceled


Due to the temporary closure of the Eureka, the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights meeting was scheduled to meet in a conference room located under the bleachers, next to the Bathhouse building. But it seems that this is one of those busy months where everyone has commitments every which way, so there will be no May meeting. The June meeting will take place as scheduled on Saturday, June 21st, at 9:30pm under the bleachers (sounds so clandestine). Hopefully, the group will be back home aboard the Eureka some time in August, when repairs are scheduled to be complete.

3 thoughts on “May ’14 Ship Modeler’s Meeting Canceled

  1. Hello, my name is Steve. I am interested in coming to your July meeting this Saturday morning. Will it be taking place “under the bleachers”? Also, would it be appropriate to bring my current project as a way of introducing myself? I sent much the same info to Paul’s email but am hoping to cover another base here. Am looking forward to hearing back with any information which you feel is relevant. Thanks in advance! – Steve

    • Hello Steve,

      Unfortunately, I won’t be there this Saturday due to other commitments, but yes it will take place in the conference room under the bleachers. The door is kept locked, but there will be someone there until our meeting starts, so I suggest getting there a little before 9:30 AM. I highly encourage any visitor or first time member to bring their project to show. It’s always nice for people to see what others are doing. I have your email address now, so I’ll pass it along and make sure someone gets in touch with you and watches for you at the meeting. Hope you can make it!


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