Brand New Blog Site Under Construction

Hello to any visitors who arrive here wondering where the content is!

Well, I just started constructing this blog for the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights and, honestly, they don’t even know about it yet. So, please be patient.

Last week I was on the phone with our lead volunteer and de facto president Paul Reck. We were discussing the membership roster which nobody seems to be currently maintaining since our organization is primarily lacking… well, organization. I suggested that maybe we just need to put together a blog site to make people aware of our group and to promote ship modeling. Plus, we can use it as a central location to post important internal information. He suggested I put something together and present it to the club. The result is what you see here.

Clearly, this is not a complete site, but the structure is now in place. I’ll populate it will a small amount of content to get started and we’ll see what the club members think. If people like it, we’ll start using it and hopefully it will help us get organized.

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