The Good News – Classic Yacht Model by Paul Reck

Long time Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights member and president Paul Reck shares a slideshow of a model he built in 2010 of the 60′ yawl-rigged yacht Good News. The original boat was designed by Sparkman and Stephens. The plank-on-bulkhead model was scratch built at a scale of 1/2″=1′ using white pine with sugar pine hull planking and deck planked with Alaskan yellow cedar.


The model features wire rigging and many parts that had to be built from scratch. Paul put together a nice little slide show of his build, which you can access on his Dropbox account here:

Good News Slide Show Note that it’s not necessary to have or to create a Dropbox account. Just close the window that asks you to sign-in.

The model was built for the St. Francis Yacht Club, where it now resides. It is one of 70 models (many of which were built by Paul) featured in the recent publication, The Models of the St. Francis Yacht Club, which is available only through the yacht club. Ω



Paul Reck Reports on Grand Banks 32 “Willie”

Ship modeler and lead volunteer Paul Reck reported today that the model of the Corinthian Yacht Club’s committee boat is nearly complete and sent along a couple photos. The boat is a Grand Banks 32 that he scratch-built with the assistance Tom Shea. The 1/16-scale model has appeared at various stages of construction over the past several Hyde Street Pier ship model meetings.

IMG_0801 IMG_0800

Hail to the Chief

At the June meeting of the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights, the club made a big change to its organization and agreed it should have an official club president. The club’s de-facto leader has for years been member Paul Reck, but at the June meeting, that was made official with the nomination and election of Mr. Reck to the post of Club President.

Nothing really changes at this point, except that we as a group have officially recognized Paul’s role. Member Leo Kane will continue to continue to moderate our monthly meetings.