Become an HSPMS Member, Build Models, and Help Our National Park

Do you like building models? Are you interested in old sailing ships? Do you like talking with the public? Would you like to help our National Park Service? Then join the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights at our workshop aboard the ferryboat Eureka and become a National Park Service volunteer!

Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights is a ship model club, but our association with the San Francisco National Maritime Historic Park requires us to be officially on the roles as Park Service Volunteers. Our job is to be ship modelers and to share what we do with visitors when we’re at our workshop. There are opportunities throughout the year to volunteer in other ways if you like, but there is obligation.

Come to a meeting and see what we’re about. Never built a ship model before? We’ll help you get started!

Our monthly meetings take place at 9:30am on the third Saturday of every month aboard the ferryboat Eureka. The Park doesn’t officially open until 9:30am, so if you come early, just pull open the big sliding gate and make sure to close it behind you. If anyone asks you, just let them know you’re heading to our ship model meeting.

Once aboard the Eureka, bear left on the main deck to get to our workshop. You’ll see our display of models outside our shop.

Sakonnet Daysailer by Paul McKenzie

Just want to learn about ship modeling or just want to visit? You’re always welcome to attend our meeting. Also, there’s often someone working in the shop on most Saturday mornings. Feel free to stop by and say “hello!” Ω

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February Meeting and a Recommended Model Kit

After dealing with some scheduling issues due to looming government shutdowns, the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights managed a nice, normal meeting on February 17, the first meeting of the year. We had 8 members attending, which is pretty good for this group. We agreed that we need to bring in more ship modelers, as only about 3 attending members have been actively ship modeling in recent months.

Still, it was one of the most productive meetings we’ve had in some time. We also managed to replace the dehumidifier tubs in the big square-rigger model’s case. Being on the bay, we need to do this periodically to help keep these display models in good condition.

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New Kits from Krick of Germany

For those of us who like to play with our ship models, Ages of Sail is carrying some more kits from the German maker, Krick, and just announced these three today, all designed for RC operation.

These kits all come with a fiberglass hull, but the sailing yacht, the Antares, apparently has a lot of laser-cut wooden parts, including a deck with the planking pattern laser-etched onto it.

Krick also makes a few static models, one of which appeared at the South Bay Model Shipwrights meeting in Los Altos, where a members is building a kit of a side-paddlewheel steamer from Krick.

Ages of Sail

Those modelers out there looking for a nice RC project to work on so you can take it out onto the lake in the Spring may want to take a look at what we just listed from the German manufacturer Krick. There are three kits we’ve just added, and we have more from Krick that we’ll be adding in the next couple weeks.

Krick HE 4 – Police Boat

Krick Tugboat Neptun

Krick Cutter Yacht Antares

Haven’t decided what to ask Santa to bring you yet? There’s still time to order yours so it’ll be under your tree. Then again, you may just wanted get started on one and leave some room under your tree for other goodies!

Check out the new Krick items at:

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Lunch and Models at the St. Francis Yacht Club

This year, the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights club didn’t have the usual annual BBQ due to schedule conflict among members. We put it off a couple times, and next thing you know, the weather isn’t good for it. So, instead, we decided to have a club sponsored lunch. There were a couple possibilities, but since Paul Reck is an associate member of the St. Francis Yacht Club, we decided it would be a nice location for our club lunch, and so we scheduled the lunch to follow our November meeting.

Lunch at the St. Francis

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Gunboat Philedelphia, 1776 – Model Progress Update by Paul Reck

HSPMS member Paul Reck shares some photos showing his progress on his 1776 Lake Champlain gunboat Philadelphia, which he is building from scratch in 1/24 scale, based on plans purchased from the Smithsonian.

Paul Reck showing his progress on the gunboat Philadelphia at the October meeting. Member Dan Canada at left.

The original boat was built on Lake Champlain as part of a small fleet of boats by Benedict Arnold in 1776. The project was a race to hold off British plans to move into the Hudson River valley. The boat was lost in the Battle of Valcour Island later in the year, but the loss of this and the other boats of the fleet was a strategic victory for the Americans, as it held off British plans until the end of the campaign year, when it became too late for the British to carry them out for another year.

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Amati Swedish Gunboat Build – Part 6

Member Clare Hess posts his latest update on building (and modifying) Amati’s Swedish Gunboat kit. This is a small, inexpensive kit that is short on instructions. Not ideal for beginners, but a nice kit for experienced ship modelers looking for a simple project.

The Ship Modeler

Following our meeting in October, it was clear it was time to finish up the Swedish Gunboat build. We’re down to three active builders of this model from the five that started, which isn’t too bad. One of our  builders decided to finish his up as a gift for someone, and the other is a beginning ship modeler who is anxious to get to his next project. I’m also ready to have a project actually reach completion.

Rigging and Sails

I shaped the masts and the two lugsail yards some time back. I originally added a ball to the tops of the masts as shown on the kit plans, but replaced them with a thinner pole after looking at the photos of the museum model. The presence of the pole creates a shoulder at the top of the mast, that helps secure the shrouds and stays. While modifying the masts…

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October Meeting Postponed One Week

Today was supposed to be the regularly scheduled meeting of the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights. However, due to injuries and other issues among several members, we decided it best to postpone the meeting for one week. That puts the October meeting on Saturday, October 28th, at our usual 9:30am time.

Member of the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights were emailed the announcement yesterday. Hopefully, they checked their email and didn’t waste a trip.

So, next week, we’ll check in on Paul Reck’s progress on his scratch built model of the 1776 American gunboat Philadelphia based on plans from the Smithsonian. We’ll also be discussing plans for a proposed holiday party, which is something of a replacement for our annual barbecue, which didn’t pan out this year.

Hope to see you there!

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