New Gallery Prototype

This is a prototype for an updated club ship model gallery. This shows a few ways that the gallery could be displayed.

1 is by model with the builder listed below or to the right.

2 is by builder with each model listed below.

3 which is not shown, is by Year of Completion, with models listed as in 1 above.

Obviously, each has it’s strengths and weaknesses. The first might just be listed in order of completion or maybe alphabetically by model name. The second allows people intrested in a specific modeler to find all of that person’s work, but it might be a bit overwhelmingly to have to scroll past prolific modelers, to reach others.

The third option will tend to show the more up-to-date stuff first. So, it emphasized new works, regardless of how prolific one might have been in the past.


Bomb ketch by Paul Reck

1/192 scale Pryo Plastics kit, modified.







Salesman’s Model Restoration by Tom Shea

Model from shipyard of Schultz & Schultz.









Models by Clare Hess

HMS Alert, 1777

Royal Navy cutter, 1/96 scale (1/8″=1′). Paper model kit from Shipyard of Poland.




Models by the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights

Gracie S, 1893

San Francisco Pilot Boat, 1/32 scale (3/8″=1′). Scratchbuild.




Freda, 1885

Oldest wooden yacht on the US West Coast, 1/24 scale (1/2″=1′). Scratchbuild.




Models by Tom Shea