2 thoughts on “IMG_0269

  1. Most people can’t appreciate the skill and patience that went into building your “Sea Witch” model. I can. I am currently re-rigging my “Sovereign of the Seas” and building the “U.S.S. Constitution”. My problem is that I am 86 and my eyes aren’t what they used to be. When I finish “Old Ironsides” I will resume work on the “Cutty Sark”. As you well know, rigging is painstaking work which can’t be rushed. My heartiest compliments to you for your great looking “Sea Witch”.

    • While Carlos is not currently a member of the club anymore, he’s not far away and remains in contact. I’ll pass along your compliments to him – I’m sure he will be very happy to read your comments, as are we!

      We wish you best of luck with your builds. Thank you!

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