Model Gallery Updated

If you take a look in the Model Gallery, you will notice a number of additions. Check out the Dragoon and the Dorade, both by Paul Reck. But, there are a lot of other interesting models by the membership to inspire you.

All the images shown are of models built (or restored) by club members. I’m now working to get more photo contributions from the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights membership.

All photos are from currently active members. Come join us and provide photos of your completed model and we’ll post them!

HSPMS Maritime Museum Warehouse Tour Follow-Up

On Thursday, March 2nd, members of the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights got an opportunity to tour the facility where all the big stuff belonging to the San Francisco Maritime National Park are stored. The trip was set up and organized by Paul Reck and R. Karnell of the Park Service, who gave the tour.

This was a rare and unique opportunity to see what’s stored away in the enormous San Leandro warehouse. Some of it was there in preparation for use at Hyde Street Pier, like the C.A. Thayer’s and Balclutha’s spars. Other items were there waiting for restoration. Other’s still were just being stored there to protect them from deterioration, in the hopes that they will be displayed or worked on at some time in the future.

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HSPMS Newsletter and Meeting – February 2017

The next meeting of the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights is coming up quickly, Saturday, February 18th aboard the ferryboat Eureka.

Naturally, the sunny weather we’ve been enjoying in the San Francisco Bay area is coming to an end, and the forecasts call for a couple days of rain. However, they show a break in the weather on the weekend. Let’s hope they’re correct!


Models from the January meeting.

In the meantime, here’s the latest issue of the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights Newsletter for February for your reading enjoyment.

Click to access hyde-street-2017-02-news.pdf

Note that we’ve got an outing coming up on March 2nd to the Maritime Museum off-site storage facility where we’ll see LOTS of stuff not normally accessible to the public. Now’s a good time to join the club!


For all those would-be blog followers who have a hard time dealing with our WordPress URL:, there’s good news! As of now, this site is officially HSPMS.ORG.

After having to deal way too many times with club members asking the question, “What’s our web address again?” we spent a little money to upgrade our site. New, simpler address, more storage space, and no more goofy ads!



This is still a WordPress site, so you can still follow it like any WordPress blog, and you can still reach it using the old URL, so no need to worry about broken links. Pass the word and the address along to your ship modeler friends – now it’s easy! Ω


First Meeting of the Year

Saturday, January 21st, will be the first meeting of 2017 for the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights. It’s a new year, and getting together with fellow ship modelers is a great way to start!

Paul McKenzie and his Sakonnet Daysailer model at the November meeting.

Paul McKenzie and his Sakonnet Daysailer model at the November meeting.

The weather is certainly questionable,  so I’m hoping many of us will be able to attend with their projects to finish out the year, wish each other happy holidays, and get us ready and inspired to start the new ship modeling year!

However, to help entice members to attend and to celebrate the start of the new ship modeling year, the club will be providing free coffee and pastries. So, bring those projects, warm up with coffee and treats, and spend a little time with your ship modeling cohorts!

As always, guests are welcome. Meeting takes place in the model shop aboard the ferryboat Eureka at 9:30am. If the Park gate is closed, simply let yourself in.


See you there!