Royal Danish Arsenal Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark

Royal Danish Arsenal Museum in Copenhagen now also houses the Royal Danish Maritime Museum.  The Sea Power maritime exhibit is on the 2nd floor of the building.  In addition to hundreds of models, there are uniforms, weapons and other artifacts.

I included a few photos of maritime interest, including boats on the canals, a tall ship and the Naval Chapel with a large ship model hanging in the middle.

[Editor’s Note: These photos were published by Jerry Bellows, a long time member of the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights. He and his wife Fran are active volunteers at Hyde Street Pier and you might catch them on the pier in 1901 period costume on the second Saturdays from March through December.]




Maritime Museums of Gdansk, Poland

Overview of the best maritime museums in Poland,

Gdansk has a rich maritime history and three (yes 3!) fine maritime museums.  Although the city was destroyed in WWII, it was rebuilt with original materials and craftsmanship to match the streets found in many 16th century paintings.

The maritime museums cover from the earliest maritime history to the present, including how Vikings sewed the ribs of their ships together.  The ports and fortresses had a partnership thru the centuries that is seen in scaled replicas of the construction styles and vessels of each era.

Here are pictures of the above. Click any photo to view them in a slide viewer.