Vanguard’s Lady Eleanor – A First Time Build

One of the newer kits available today comes from Vanguard Models, a ship model kit manufacturer run by Chris Watton of the UK. In fact, Vanguard Models has released several new kits over the past year or two, including this one, the Lady Eleanor.

Ages of Sail just posted these photos of a build by one of their customers from So. Cal. This is a first time build. We really hope to see other people take on a first time build!

Ages of Sail

It’s always a pleasure when customers send us photos of their completed models, so we were particularly happy to start off the new year when customer tomsimon of Chino Hills, CA, shared with us the final photos of the wooden ship model he just completed, the Lady Eleanor from Vanguard Models. He gave us permission to share these photos on our social media sites, so we’re happy to post them here for you.

Tomsimon tells us that this Lady Eleanor is his first ever wooden ship model, and we think he’s done a wonderful job!

Lady Eleanor is a 1/64 scale wooden model kit of a Scottish fishing boat type called a Fifie. It’s described as a type that was commonly seen off the east coast of Scotland from the 1850s through the 1950s, and was known as a workhorse in the fishing community.

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4 thoughts on “Vanguard’s Lady Eleanor – A First Time Build

  1. That’s a really nice build. I would like to see it “in person”. When will we start actually meeting again on board the Eureka?

    • Hello Herb, we’re working on getting in person meetings going again. The Eureka itself is scheduled to be pulled out of service for a long overdue overhaul, so we’re probably not going be meeting aboard her in the near future. But, we’re working on an alternative location, but still at the Maritime Park. We hoped for this month, but maybe next month?

      • Just wondering if there is a conference room in the Maritime Museum that we might be able to use.

  2. P.S. If the Eureka is “loaded onto” a dry dock for the overhaul, that would be really interesting to see. I would love to watch it.

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