New Kits from Krick of Germany

For those of us who like to play with our ship models, Ages of Sail is carrying some more kits from the German maker, Krick, and just announced these three today, all designed for RC operation.

These kits all come with a fiberglass hull, but the sailing yacht, the Antares, apparently has a lot of laser-cut wooden parts, including a deck with the planking pattern laser-etched onto it.

Krick also makes a few static models, one of which appeared at the South Bay Model Shipwrights meeting in Los Altos, where a members is building a kit of a side-paddlewheel steamer from Krick.

Ages of Sail

Those modelers out there looking for a nice RC project to work on so you can take it out onto the lake in the Spring may want to take a look at what we just listed from the German manufacturer Krick. There are three kits we’ve just added, and we have more from Krick that we’ll be adding in the next couple weeks.

Krick HE 4 – Police Boat

Krick Tugboat Neptun

Krick Cutter Yacht Antares

Haven’t decided what to ask Santa to bring you yet? There’s still time to order yours so it’ll be under your tree. Then again, you may just wanted get started on one and leave some room under your tree for other goodies!

Check out the new Krick items at:

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