Independence Seaport Museum Ship Model Shack Video

The Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights isn’t the only ship model group that makes its home at a Maritime Museum. Check out this video from the Independence Seaport Museum’s Ship Model Shack, home of the Philedelphia Ship Model Society.

Ship Modeler

There’s a very nicely done video about ship modeling on Youtube. Of course, there are many, but this is about the Ship Model Shack at the Independence Seaport Museum in Philidelphia, PA. This was apparently published about 4 years ago, but a Facebook post by the Italian ship model kit manufacturer Amati Model brought it to my attention this morning.

The Independence Seaport Museum is home of the USS Olympia, a protected cruiser built at the Union Iron Works in San Francisco in 1888. The Ship Model Shack is the home of the Philidelphia Ship Model Society.

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