Thanksgiving at HSPMS

Thanksgiving at HSPMS

It’s Thanksgiving 2016, and it’s a good time for the members of Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights to stop and reflect on what we, as a group, are thankful for.


First off, it’s important to give thanks for our great membership. The efforts of people like Paul Reck and Tom Shea, in particular, have kept us on our toes, not only as ship modelers, but as ambassadors to the public in our small space aboard the Eureka.

But, everyone who’s lent a hand deserves credit in keeping our group active and interesting, including those that are no longer with us. Even new members who haven’t had a chance to contribute much to the group offer long-time ship modelers hope that someone will be around to carry on the fine art of ship modeling.

Of course, there’s the public and the Park Service, which has deemed maritime history to be of great enough importance to create such a wonderful, living resource here at Hyde Street Pier – a place we make our home.


We are also fortunate to have our friends in the National Park staff. There are too many to name here between the folks on the Pier, the administration, and the research center, but they have all helped us out in various ways.

But, by far our greatest thanks have to go to our supporter, protector and friend Terry Dorman, the Park Service Volunteer Coordinator. Terry has done so much for our group, he’s there when we need him, and he’s always watching out for us like a mother hen. We can’t imagine that any group is as fortunate as ours, to be blessed with such a wonderful person to work with or to be so well looked after.

Here’s to a happy and thankful Thanksgiving. May you all have as much to be thankful for as we here at Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights have been blessed with.


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