Lighthouse card model kits listed

Ages of Sail just posted this about the Paper Model Lighthouse kits they carry from Shipyard of Poland. Having been working on a couple paper models myself, I can tell you that they are really cool kits and a lot of fun to work with. It’s nice that the lighthouse kits they carry are all laser cut. Saves a lot of time trying to cut some of those intricate details.

Ages of Sail

We just started updating our listings for card model lighthouse kits from Shipyard of Poland. It’s been long overdue and we’re just started to get a handle on it. Shipyard produces about two dozen different lighthouse kits in both 1:72 scale and 1:87 (HO) scale and we have nearly all of them in stock now from their Laser Cut Models series as well as their boxed edition Laser Cardboard series.

bowling Cape Bowling Green Lighthouse, built in Australia in 1874.

These are NEAT kits! All the lighthouse kits we carry are the laser cut kits that Shipyard produces. They also have cut-out kits, where the parts are printed and you have to cut them all out. But, for now, we’ve decided to focus on carrying just the ones where the parts are all pre-cut for you. You just need to cut off the tiny tabs that hold the pieces to…

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