Last of the Kriegstein Collection Books – Get Yours Quick!

Ship Modeler

If you’ve never seen the Kriegstein Collection or part of it, you’re really missing a rare sight. I was fortunately to be able to visit the home of Dr. Arnold Kriegstein with the members of the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights group a few years ago.

Kriegstein129_sm Photos courtesy of Seawatch Books

Kriegstein081_sm Photos courtesy of Seawatch Books

I had attended the Nautical Research Guild Conference in San Francisco (well, actually, it was in San Mateo) where Dr. Kriegstein gave a presentation. The NRG event included a tour of his home, which I had missed. So one of the other Hyde Street Pier members and I approached Dr. Kriegstein about organizing a separate visit at some time, which he was completely open to. So, we went about organizing a date for our group some months later and visited his home, which is just North of San Francisco.

I won’t go into a…

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