For all those would-be blog followers who have a hard time dealing with our WordPress URL: hspms.wordpress.com, there’s good news! As of now, this site is officially HSPMS.ORG.

After having to deal way too many times with club members asking the question, “What’s our web address again?” we spent a little money to upgrade our site. New, simpler address, more storage space, and no more goofy ads!



This is still a WordPress site, so you can still follow it like any WordPress blog, and you can still reach it using the old URL, so no need to worry about broken links. Pass the word and the address along to your ship modeler friends – now it’s easy! Ω


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HSPMS Newsletter for January 2017

The new newsletter has been posted on our Meeting Notes page, which you can always access from the menubar above. But, to make things easy, here’s a link to the pdf document for your reading enjoyment.


Hyde-Street-2017-01-January News

Feel free to pass this along to anyone who might be interested in reading it.

Happy ship modeling!

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First Meeting of the Year

Saturday, January 21st, will be the first meeting of 2017 for the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights. It’s a new year, and getting together with fellow ship modelers is a great way to start!

Paul McKenzie and his Sakonnet Daysailer model at the November meeting.

Paul McKenzie and his Sakonnet Daysailer model at the November meeting.

The weather is certainly questionable,  so I’m hoping many of us will be able to attend with their projects to finish out the year, wish each other happy holidays, and get us ready and inspired to start the new ship modeling year!

However, to help entice members to attend and to celebrate the start of the new ship modeling year, the club will be providing free coffee and pastries. So, bring those projects, warm up with coffee and treats, and spend a little time with your ship modeling cohorts!

As always, guests are welcome. Meeting takes place in the model shop aboard the ferryboat Eureka at 9:30am. If the Park gate is closed, simply let yourself in.


See you there!

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New BlueJacket Kits

The Ship Modeler

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, as it’s hard to tell from their website, but in the Fall of 2016, BlueJacket Shipcrafters released a few new ship model kits or, more accurately, boat model kits.

The first two are re-realeases of the miniature models of the America’s cup J-class boats Endeavour and Rainbow. Both are 1:180 scale and measure 8-1/2″ long and list at $89 each. These look like they’d make really nice desk displays. But, you’ll probably want to protect them with the pre-made acrylic cases that BlueJacket sells for them at $95.

America's Cup J-Boat Endeavour America’s Cup J-Boat Endeavour

At the same time, they released a brand new model kit of the sardine carrier Pauline. Some of you may recognize the Pauline as one of the scratchbuild subjects in Harold “Dynamite” Payson’s book Boat Modeling the Easy Way: A Scratch Builder’s Guide, which I believe is still in publication.

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A Change of Pace for Paul Reck

Ship modeler, lead volunteer and club Commodore Paul Reck said he got burned out on his current project, the schooner yacht Mayan. He’s been wrestling with trying to get a a nice weathered look to the model’s teak deck and needed a break.

He had acquired a neat little vintage plastic kit from the old Pyro Plastic Corporation and has been working on it lately. The whole model is only about 9-1/2″ long overall and around 1:170 scale according to one website (no scale is given on the box).


Because the yards were molded as part of the sails, and he didn’t want to put sails on the model, he had to fashion some yardarms from maple.

The thin and “bendy” nature of the plastic masts, it took a very careful touch with the rigging to keep everything straight. But, it was difficult to keep lines from getting too slack.


Paul also didn’t want to use the pre-molded plastic shrouds and ratlines, so rigging that part was an extra challenge, but he seemed to really enjoy the build.

Hopefully, we’ll see the model, in person, at the next meeting.

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Independence Seaport Museum Ship Model Shack Video

The Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights isn’t the only ship model group that makes its home at a Maritime Museum. Check out this video from the Independence Seaport Museum’s Ship Model Shack, home of the Philedelphia Ship Model Society.

The Ship Modeler

There’s a very nicely done video about ship modeling on Youtube. Of course, there are many, but this is about the Ship Model Shack at the Independence Seaport Museum in Philidelphia, PA. This was apparently published about 4 years ago, but a Facebook post by the Italian ship model kit manufacturer Amati Model brought it to my attention this morning.

The Independence Seaport Museum is home of the USS Olympia, a protected cruiser built at the Union Iron Works in San Francisco in 1888. The Ship Model Shack is the home of the Philidelphia Ship Model Society.

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Guide for Building Woody Joe Kits of Western-Style Ships

A handy guide for those interested in building a ship model kit from Woody Joe of Japan, but don’t read Japanese.

The Ship Modeler

Note that a copy of this post is now under the Resources/Shop Notes menu as the Woody Joe Kit Builder’s Guide.

pic_charlesyachtWhile doing a write-up of one of Woody Joe’s ship model kits, it came to my attention that, while Woody Joe kits are written in Japanese, all the kits of “western-style” ships use the same terms to identify parts of the ship. So, I thought perhaps a couple guides might be helpful to any builders of these kits.

The idea stems from the fact that Japanese use a different phonetic alphabet for western or modern words, and they simply write the western terms using this alphabet. If you can learn this alphabet, you can read the names of parts. This alphabet is called Katakana. If you don’t want to know any about reading Katakana, but just want a list of words in Katakana, skip to the List…

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